Welcome to the Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions vanity card!

OK. So what do you want to know?  I began in the industry in January of 1987, and worked for a competitor for 10 years, most of that time spent in sales management, teaching sale’s people to sell promotional products.  When I launched our own company in 1996, it was given the name Promotionally Minded, which was referencing the fact that we did not just sell promotional products, but rather acted as your promotional agency, using the products as an intricate part of your overall marketing program.


Over the years, clients just like you began telling me that the marketing and sales advice and training I was giving was very valuable.  With value, comes a product and service to sell.  I created a service called "Our Marketing Guy" and off we went.   A few years after that, my wife Sharyn joined the company, bringing with her a Human Resources and Online presence background, so the OMG moniker had to be changed.

This part of our web site has been designed to be used as a tool by new clients, who want to browse for products before they call us.  Our regular customers, know to call for advice, let us do the searching which saves you a lot of time and money.

If you found us by looking in the internet, that's freakin' AWESOME, but please don't think this site represents everything we do for a customer.

We help you with layout ideas, logos and advertising and marketing advice. We have expertise in traditional and technological marketing tactics and how to use them to targeting new business. That's what sets us apart from a lot of our online only competitors.

Anyway, thanks for reading this self-indulgence!


Hank Yuloff

President, Sales Manager, Head Stock Clerk and starting catcher for the company softball team.